Life is messy and chaotic but you can always live it with joy, freedom and love.

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Home school mum, blogger, and brownie connoisseur

You get 24 hours a day, you can choose how and why you fill those hours, right? So fill them full of joy, momma!


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Meet the author

Hi, I’m Amanda!


I’m a certified natural therapist and homeschooling momma to two free-spirited boys. I help other moms (and mums) to live joyfully, with intention and freedom and I’m excited to share the things that work for me. Life is messy, but it still can be wildly joyful and always on your own terms.

Let’s be Mumtastic.

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The Freebie place

Find a little more joy and calm in your busy days. In the Freebie Place you will find some lovely printable wall art and affirmation cards, wellness pages and tech wallpapers.

I add new designs to this often, I know how useful an inspirational quote can be!



Joyful living is a choice. Working out what you need to live a joyful life within the chaos of motherhood. Be joyful, wild and free in this mom life.


Learning how to be here, right now, is the key to a Mumtastic Life. I can help you out. Be mindful with meditation, mindful reminders and intentional choices.


Taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing so you can be the joyful, vibrant woman and mom you are.